How much will it cost to keep cool this Summer?

Understandably, more than 80% of Australians are concerned about household electricity prices, not to mention all the other rising costs of Health Insurance, food, fuel and other utilities.  A recent Canstar Blue survey also found that many Australian households have cut down on using their air conditioning to save money. But how much does your Read more about How much will it cost to keep cool this Summer?[…]

2016 Canstar Awards – Panasonic Wins Big

Australians have no better friend than their air conditioner. It’s there for us in warm times, and it’s even got our back in the colder months. Air conditioners, we salute you! However, not all air conditioners are as reliable, effective and easy to use as we would like, so you’re advised to do your research before buying – otherwise you might be left feeling a little hot under the collar.


Brisbane Northside and Surrounds Air Conditioning Installs, Maintenance and Warranty repair

Brisbane Air Conditioning

Why we believe in South East Queensland and Brisbane Air Conditioning as a must for every home and business. Home and business’s need in South East Queensland and Brisbane air conditioning! Why do they need air conditioning? Because it’s hot in Brisbane. Hotter than ever for Brisbane air conditioning units.  The climate is unlike other climates Read more about Brisbane Air Conditioning[…]