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For most in South East Queensland, we think of air conditioning as a summer necessity. Our hot humid summers are like nowhere else and the reprieve from the Queensland summer heat and humidity unbearable without air conditioning, Brisbane.

Apart from the obvious advantages of having an air conditioning installed in your home or office in Brisbane , Many people are unaware that within a few simple clicks, you can turn your Brisbane air conditioner  into one of the most if not the most energy efficient ways to heat an entire home or room on the market today. Within a few simple steps you could wake up to a warm toasty home which is a lot more motivating then feeling the chill of a cold morning as you contemplate staying in bed all day and phoning in sick.

Changing cooling to heating

Most Brisbane air conditioners have 5 different modes (coolingCooling, heatingHeating, dehumidificationDehumidification, Auto and fanFan only options).

Today we will focus on how to changeover from cooling to heating your Brisbane air conditioner.

As a side note, I will be reviewing the benefits of the other mode settings in the future. To get all this info and other cool tips, tricks and air conditioning hacks, be sure to sign up to my newsletter or follow Air Conditioning Brisbane on Facebook –

How do I do that?

So here’s how it done! To change the settings on your Brisbane air conditioner from cooling to heating is only a simple few steps and in the next couple of minutes you will be enjoying energy efficient heating in your home or business.

Step 1) Find your air conditioning remote and find the “Mode” button (pic of mode button) for handheld controllers, you may have to slide the cover down to access this button and for wall mounted controllers you may have to open the plastic front cover.

Step 2) Press the “Mode” button and watch the controller carefully. You will see either a symbol or wording change on the controller. Cycle through each symbol by pressing the “Mode” button until you reach a symbol resembling the sun (heating icon pic) or until the wording “Heat” appears on some controllers.

Step 3) Adjust the temperature to your desired comfort level (usually 23-25 degrees is recommended and a comfortable temperature)

Step 4) Sit back and relax! Congratulations, you have just successfully changed your summertime air conditioner into an energy efficient winter warmer.

Here’s why

The “mode” button is the most important and underused buttons on your controller.

By setting the “mode”, you are telling the air conditioner what function you would like it to perform (mainly heating or cooling).

By setting the air conditioner temp setting to 30 degrees without changing the “mode” from cooling to heating. The air conditioner becomes confused as you have just asked it to cool the room to 30 degrees not heat the room to 30 degrees.

Well that wraps it up for today, I hope you are beginning to enjoy the heating mode function of your air conditioner as you read this final paragraph and hope to see everyone reading my next post (Awesome remote control hacks for air conditioning remotes).

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