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  • My Air conditioner is not working, Please help?

This is a very common complaint, And could be any number of things! The first thing to check is the power supply.

Does the unit have power? To check this, Simply press any button/power button on the remote controller and wait for the inside fan to operate (if you have power you should hear the inside unit “beep”).

If no “audible sound/beep” is heard and the unit is still not operating the next thing to check is the remote controller.

If result is undesirable continue through the following steps…

  • Remove and replace the batteries and re test.
  • With new batteries installed, Pick up your cellphone and switch on the camera function. With your phone in one hand and the remote controller in the other(in a darkened room), Place the air conditioning controller facing towards the camera on your phone and start pressing different buttons on the air conditioning remote while looking at the image in your phone. You should see a light turn on after every push. This is checking the remote control functions and confirming the remote is sending a signal to the receiver board located in the indoor unit. (Note: this works on all I.R remotes)
  • If no light is seen, The remote controller is not sending a signal to the receiver board in your air conditioner. A new remote controller may be required. You can contact us for a quick and easy same day replacement to get you back up and running again! Another helpful hint to periodically repair the issue: Most air conditioning systems (split systems) have a built in emergency operation function button hidden away. You can locate this by lifting the front panel (same panel you lift to access the dust filters). The emergency operation switch is located on the right hand side of the air conditioner. Press this button for a short period of relief!
  • If light is present but still no operation, Check the power supply. There will be a switch in your meter box. Make sure this is switched on (the switch will either be labelled “air conditioning” or “power”). There should also be a switch/electrical isolation switch near the outside unit (condenser). If these are both on! access the inside unit and lift the front filter panel. Locate the “emergency operation switch” and check operation (This is a temporary fix for a short period of relief only). If this still does not solve the issue, You can call us! you may require a specialist with specialist diagnostic equipment to check it out.

  • My Air Conditioner is not cooling, Please help?

If your air conditioning unit switches on but does not cool, Check the following first before booking an appointment.

Another common issue we commonly come across. This issue can be many different issues from incorrectly set mode settings to refrigerant leaks and burnt out circuit boards from geckos and other vermin.

  • Check the mode setting on your air conditioning controller and make sure the “mode” is set to cooling! This will either be displayed as text (cool, cooling) or as an icon (snowflake). Sometimes the cooling icon and heating icon (sun) can look very similar. Be 100% sure the mode is set to cooling and set the temperature to it’s lowest setting (usually 16 – 18 degrees C). Check the temperature of the airflow after 5mins by placing your hand in front of the inside unit air stream.
  • If the mode has been set correctly and still no cool air. Check the outside unit! Is the outside fan operating? Is the air coming off the fan warm/hot? If the outside fan is operating but the air is same as the ambient temperature, This can either indicate loss of refrigerant or no compressor operation. Either way it is highly advised to call a specialist as specialist diagnostic and testing equipment is required to continue diagnosis.
  • If the outside fan is not running, This can either indicate a faulty fan or circuit board or both. We find most of these issues in Brisbane are caused by vermin entering the air conditioner for refuge and short circuiting the electrical circuit boards as the explore the inner workings of your system. We here at Air Conditioning Brisbane are specialist diagnostic and repair technicians. We can have your system up and running again on the same day of our visit to keep Brisbane cool in summer and warm in winter.

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