Interest free air conditioner

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Certegy Ezi-Pay to give you an interest free air conditioner in your home and business today interest free.

What is Certegy Ezi-Pay?

An interest free lay buy company. You can pay for your air conditioner over a period of time rather than upfront.

“It’s simple and easy to apply, with fast approval times.

Or, to save time, you can apply for pre-approval online. We’ll assess your application while you’re online and confirm the outcome. Pre-approval is available for online applications up to $5,000 and you’ll receive all the details you need so you’re ready to shop.”

Extracted from Certegy Ezi-Pay 17 October 2015

How much will it cost to install my interest free air conditioner?

This really depends. We recommend you request a quote from us today to find out.

Get pre approval in anticipation

You can get pre approval for your interest free air conditioner instantly in anticipation.

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